Dave Palmer

Dave Palmer a native of Grand Haven has been involved with music ever since his son David joined the choir in fifth grade. Dave is now a performer and singer/songwriter and has taken on many challenges to help raise funding for children’s musical education. In 2003 he organized of the Spread the Music Foundation. For ten years STMF supplied many children, eighteen years old or younger with musical instruments. Dave and his colleagues were also able to secure funding for an endowment that is held at the Grand Haven Community Foundation. The endowment supplies funding for the Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Fruitport Schools music departments.

After taking a couple of years off to build his own home Dave has come up with a new organization named Walk the Beat “Teaching the Rhythm of Life”. WTB is dedicated to helping children with their musical education. “This time we are focusing on the educational part of music along with other aspects of music”.

Dave is a small businessman that is a partner in the Quality Hardwood Floor Installation business and understands the meaning of hard work. “I absolutely love the area we live in and want to see us all prosper economically without forgetting that culture is part of our society”. Palmer believes that music is a part of learning to understand others through their music. He believes it is a fundamental part of all of us. He continues to talk of how music is such a huge part of our lives “From the cradle to the grave”. The two songs he uses as an analogy are “Happy Birthday and Amazing Grace.” It is a language we can all understand. The Walk the Beat event will be our Flagship event that helps build relationships between Businesses, Music and the community with music being the common bond.



Larry Halverson

As a lifetime resident of Muskegon, Larry has volunteered on several community projects around the area such as vice president of Festivals Unified Network (FUN), Inc., organizer of the Michigan Pirate Festival and book festivals in Grand Haven just to name a few.

Larry has a love of music. He began playing alto and tenor saxophone at 12 year old and through high school. While at Muskegon Community College, he majored in music as well performing in the jazz band and symphonic ensemble. In addition, he was member of the Miss Michigan Pageant’s orchestra.

One evening In 2009, Larry got stung by the Irish music bug after listening to the Irish band Kennedy’s Kitchen. He was so impressed with their tin whistler, he bought one and has been play ever since. He currently takes whistle, flute and bodhran lessons online from a graduate from the University of Limerick and plays in the Celtic Band Uneven Ground.

Larry graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in public relations. He is currently the Community Relations Coordinator for the Loutit District Library in Grand Haven. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children and two grandchildren.


Bill Chrysler

The term “internationally renowned” audio engineer doesn’t come easy. Bill Chrysler has gained that title through hard work, innovation, imagination and dedication to his industry. 

Bill started his interest in sound engineering in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He toured the country working clubs with various acts and eventually settled down in Los Angeles. In the late seventies Chrysler was hosting pre-production recording sessions in a small studio he created in a Hollywood carriage house. He attended Sound Masters, Institute of Audio Engineering while working as house engineer at The Country Club where tour production managers took note. By 1978 Chrysler was working for touring sound industry giant Electrotec. He stayed with the company for over twenty years. Electrotec was bought up by PRG, this is when he started his own company, Chrysler Audio, using a large portion of the Electrotec inventory. 

Bill has been featured in leading trade publications such as, Mix Magazine, ProSound News, Front of House and others. He has been a guest speaker/presenter at conferences with audiences from all over the world. Bill has been asked on several occasions to test and comment on audio products and has acted as spokesperson for Shure Microphones and others.

After close to 40 years in the industry Bill Chrysler has decided to put everything he has into building a studio in Grand Haven, Michigan. With a super group of local musicians, artists, and various others behind him, Chrysler has built a recording studio that is at or above industry standard.