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Speak Easy

     Hailing from the Fresh Coast, Speak Easy, the Great Lakes based Rasta-Funk band is rallying the people for a musical revolution. Mixing melodies and riddim's of early roots reggae and modern funk rock, Speak Easy's fresh, groovy sound is bound to bring high energy and good vibes to whatever stage they play.

     The members of Speak Easy all attended Michigan State University's College of Music, where they developed and fostered deep friendships over a mutual love for music and performance. At MSU, they honed their skills under some of the nation's most notable classical and jazz professors, and spent their time performing with local and national acts.

     However, it wasn't until post-graduation that Speak Easy came into fruition. Now, after dedicating their lives to their individual crafts, Speak Easy is ready to come together to share one musical vision. Despite the nature of show business, speakin' it easy is more than just a name for the members of Speak Easy, it is a way of life. Although the loudest individual voice in a crowd is always heard, the softer-spoken opinions of the masses often go unnoticed.

     Speak Easy strives for their music to be a voice for the voiceless in ourworld, not to mention a nonstop, funky-reggae party! So, sit back, relax, and Speak Easy.