Melophobix is a seven-piece Reggae / Rock / Fusion / Funk band based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Their line up consists of two guitar players / vocalists, bass, drums, keyboards, trumpet, and saxophone. This group of well-trained musicians derives from a plethora of genres, molded together in their own unique style. Shows are well crafted, exciting, dynamic, high- energy, and entertaining.

     The members of Melophobix are no strangers to the stage. Experience ranges from nationally recognized vocal jazz ensembles to local heavy metal bands. Even prior to forming Melophobix, the members have gigged in many different cities, states, and even countries. Within the group, they are comprised of decades worth of experience playing and performing.

     Considered primarily an original band; most of the group's repertoire has been written and composed as a collective effort. This being said, they still enjoy honoring some of their favorite musicians by covering their material.