About US

Walk the Beat is an organization based in Grand Haven, MI., with a dedication to providing musical instruments, opportunity and lessons for kids, regardless of their economic backgrounds. 

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Walk the Beat puts on and sponsors a variety of community events throughout the year, past events include the Rock it Forward Concert, the Earthwork Skill Swap, the Sounds of Summer Concert Series, the Juvenile Detention Center Lesson Program, and more.

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Musician Opportunities

Walk the Beat wants every child, teen and adult who wants to participate in music to have the platform to do so. The Walk the Beat events provide a stage for young and seasoned musicians alike to try their chops and hone their skills. 

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Youth Outreach

Providing support and guidance for young people to learn musical skills enhances their creativity, confidence and connectedness to their community, Walk the Beat is proud to assist any way we can, through providing lessons, instruments and opportunity to young and aspiring musicians.

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Walk the Beat gives sponsorships to local events and other nonprofits, and makes partnerships with the school districts and their sport and music programs to create a healthy and interconnected community.